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The day is here! This is our first day of operations to deliver late lunch and dinner at the major insurance company located in Riverview, Fl.  Delivery starts at 4:00PM.  You can order the following.



Wing Trio – You get to sample wings three delicious ways;

(2 Winglettes each way or 6 all the same way)

  • Delicious Fried Wings with breadcrumbs,
  • Our Spicy Buffalo Wings, and
  • Mouth watering Barbeque Wings.

Served with celery and Blue Cheese dressing.             $7.95 Lunch (6)

$9.95 Dinner (10)

Crab CakesOur Crab Cakes consistently get rave reviews. This is because we use more Crab Meat then filler.  We also have the very freshest ingredients.

$11.00 Lunch

$14.95 Dinner

Honey Barbeque Glazed Ribs – Our ribs are seasoned perfectly then slow cooked until very tender.  We then finished them over a hickory fire with our special sauce until a delicious barbeque glaze is formed.                                      $9.95 Lunch portion

$12.95 Dinner portion

18.95 Whole Rack

Pasta Salad – Angel hair pasta and Italian seasonings are mixed with tomatoes, onions, pepper, and cucumbers for a delectable, exhilarating taste.                                                                                                                                                $5.95

$8.95 w/large Shrimp

Pulled Pork Sliders – Pork Shoulder is seasoned with an herb mixture and slow cooked.  We add onions and peppers, which adds another layer of flavor.  We actually take the au jus and to make a terrific sauce that compliments the pork flavor. We hand pull the tender pork apart (No chopping here).  We simmer the hand pulled pork in the sauce just long enough for the sauce to marry to the meat.  It’s incredible.

$6.95 Lunch

$9.95 Dinner



Just to remind everyone of the details.


–       There is a $20.00 minimum order for delivery. (two orders can make this up easily)

–       The number to place the order is 978-503-7374.

–       Go to the website page to see the selections.

–       When placing a order at 978-503-7374, you should identify:

o      Their name and cell phone number that they can be reached to verify their order.

o      Their selection (lunch or dinner size)

o      What delivery time they are ordering for, giving at least 30 minutes before the expected delivery time. (i.e. 4:00PM delivery time should be placed no later than 3:20PM)

o      Which building they are located in

o      Their method of payment; cash, credit or Debit cards.


Please note that a contact person and cell phone number must be identified with each order to pick up at each building so everyone’s food is to them in a timely fashion.


Orders can be placed far ahead of delivery time so do not to wait until the last minute.


Thanks to all your

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