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Hats Off To Dining Catering, Inc.’s In-Home Cooking Class w/The Howes

The Howes were great hosts and terrific students who were eager to learn and cook.  Don’s interest was cooking healthy, so instead of doing a dessert we demonstrated two appetizers; a Turkey Burger Wrap and Portobello Mushroom Fries w/Red Pepper Flakes.  There are so many dishes on Hats Off’s menu that are healthy we couldn’t just do one, so we taught the Howes how to cook Pan Seared Salmon and Rosemary Chicken.  These were two of our most popular dishes that are also very healthy.


The Turkey Burger Wrap:

Me demonstrating seasoning techniques with the Howes

Here, I’m demonstrating seasoning technique.  Seasoning is an individual preference.  With our Turkey Burgers we season 97/3 Lean Ground Turkey with Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Adobo, Kosher Salt and Fresh Cracked Black Pepper.

We also sautéed about a half cup of the trinity (Chopped Onion, Bell Pepper, and Celery).

The Howes Making Turkey Burgers

And mix up the ingredients thoroughly with your hands.


You then portion the seasoned meat into 2 to 3 inch balls.  Seem small?  Remember, these are Turkey Burger Wraps.  They need to fit neatly in a tortilla wrap so the burgers shouldn’t be too big.


Sarah and Don make the perfect size Turkey Burgers

After sautéing the turkey patties in a little Canola oil, we sliced tomatoes and got our lettuce and tortilla to prepare to assemble.  (The students knife skills are practiced throughout the class.)

We're about to assemble the Turkey Burger Wrap

Sarah begins to assemble her Turkey Burger Wrap.

Sarah Howe assembling the Turkey Burger Wrap


Our next dish will be the Pan – Seared Salmon w/Stir Fry and Basmati Rice


I demonstrated two ways to Julianne the bell peppers for the stir-fry.

By knife skills


The Howes cutting bell peppers for the Stir-Fry

And by mandoline,

Mandeline skills demostrated

The multi – colored bell peppers, onions, snow peas and bean sprouts are sautéed in a little Extra Virgin olive Oil and set to the side.  There is nothing like fresh stir-fry.  See how vibrant the colors are.  They taste so good.

Yummy Stir-Fry

We continue with the Pan Seared Salmon.  The seasoning is simple on our salmon, just Kosher Salt, Fresh Cracked Black Pepper, and Adobo.  We get the skillet very hot and add Extra Virgin Olive Oil before adding the Salmon Filet.  Here’s Don tending to his filet.  We then finish it in the oven for just a few minutes (7 – 10 minutes depending on the thickness).


Don's hands-on Pan Searing the Salmon

The result is a one of the healthiest meals you can have.


Pan-Seared Salmon w/Asian Stir-Fry and Basmati Rice by Don Howe and Sarah Howe

Time for the Rosemary Chicken.  Can you tell Don’s excited?

I was so happy that the Howes didn’t mind having chicken with the bone-in, skin-on.  But boneless, skinless chicken versus bone-in / skin-on is a conversation I have with many clients.  There is a massive amount of flavor in the chicken’s bones and skin.  To totally eliminate them eliminates flavor.  My solution is to combine the two.  Just by putting a few chicken thighs in adds the flavor.  I demonstrated this with the Howes.

You’ll find that many of our dishes have just a few seasoning.  This one is like that too.  We just use Kosher Salt, Fresh Cracked Black Pepper, Adobo (sound familiar?).  What really makes the flavor of this dish unique is the Chippoline Onions and Rosemary.  The Mushrooms also adapt this flavor.


Rosemary Chicken w/Mushrooms and Chippoline Onion and Basmati Rice by Sarah and Don Howe

Time to eat!

The Howes enjoy the delicious meal that they cooked.

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