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In-Home Cooking Class w/the Meier’s


We started off with an appetizer of Mandy’s French Fried Portobello Mushroom w/Red Pepper Flakes.

Mandy Demonstrates Her Mushroom Fries to Nick Meiers and Jessica

Mandy’s fries are always well receive.

Overhead View of Mushroom Fries at the Meier's Class


Safety of handling all foods is important but with seafood you must especially careful because it is very delicate. Seafood temperature must be maintained at 29-32°F at all time to prevent spoilage or bacteria buildup according to the Seafood Network Information Center.

I was pleased that Laurie Meier, Nick Meier and Jessica were already familiar with this fact.

I Demonstrate How To Search For Pin Bones

Another safety tip is to make sure the fine pin bones are all removed.

Scoring Salmon on the skin side

We score the Salmon on the skin side to help the cooking process.

Nick Meier Placing Salmon In Pan

Nick Meier places Salmon in a hot pan to sear the skin side and it locks in the fishes moistness.

We practice our knife skills on our Stir-fry vegetables.

Laurie Meiers and Jessica practice knife skills on Multi-Color Bell Peppers

Everyone became a pro at tossing the vegetables in the pan.

Jessicas Pan Toss Vegetables


Nick Meiers pan toss the Stirfry

Laura Meier pan toss StirFry


After much fun in the kitchen the Meier’s and Jessica enjoy their meal.

The Meier Party Enjoy Their Meal


Random photos of the evening

Cooking makes you thirsty

Laura Meier Cooking MushroomFries

Me with Jessica cutting Bell Peppers


Nick and Jessica prepare Mushroom Fries


Nick Meier observes me and Jessica cutting


Me with the Meiers Party






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