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Hats Off To Dining Catering, Inc.’s In-Home Cooking Class with Bob and Sandi

Ok, I know my blog is supposed to be about cooking but I had to mention how beautiful the view was from the Santos’ house.  Mandy and I couldn’t stop looking out at it for the first few minutes that we were there.

You still can't appreciate how nice this view was

Okay, on to the class.

Mandy started the class off by teaching Sandi and Alex how to make Portobello Mushroom Fries.

Mandy instructs Alex and Sandi on Mushroom Fries

Alex and Sandi give it a try.

Alex and Sandi execute what they've just learned.

This is a really fast delicious dish and more simple then you might think.



On to dessert.  Why are we doing dessert before the entree you ask?  I’m glad you asked.  We want the dessert to be chilled properly so we make it early.  By the time the entree lesson is taught, cooked and eaten the dessert are nice and cold.

Here I’m demonstrating how to make fresh whipped cream.

Sandi and Alex watch me start the Fresh Whipped Cream

Alex gives it a try.

Alex gives it a try but Sandi just doesn't appreciate Alex's hard work.

Here’s the recipe:

2 cups – Heavy Whipping Cream

1 cup – Powdered Sugar (You probably won’t use all of this.  You will just add it until it’s sweet enough for your taste)

1/2 tsp – Fresh Lemon Zest  (look for how to zest a lemon on a future class)

1/4 tsp – Vanilla Extract


Large metal bowl works best but use plastic if that’s what you have


I use submerge mixture but you can use a hand mixture or stand mixer


Pour the Heavy Whipping Cream in the bowl.  Begin to mix the Heavy Whipping Cream by itself.  It will begin to change consistency after about 50 seconds.  At this point stop mixing and add the lemon zest, vanilla a little of the powdered sugar.  Start mixing again.  Continue to stop the mixer and add a little more powdered sugar at a time  and mix until it suits your taste.  Don’t over mix the Heavy Cream.  The whole mixing time should be under 3 minutes.  You should have peaks after about 90 seconds.  Refrigerate immediately or serve immediately.

The Salmon Continues To Be A Top Choice

I explain how to prep Salmon

You’ll notice that I have plastic wrap on the table with paper towel.  The Salmon is being dried after being rinsed.  i then demonstrate how to score the skin.

Close up of prepped Salmon

Scoring the skin of fish keeps it from curling when cooked.

Sandi takes photo of prepped Salmon while Alex observes

I Demonstrate Seasoning Salmon with Sandi watching

It was great having a professional photographer take photos of the class food.  I haven’t had professional photos done since my buddy Nicole Abbett but that was years ago.  It would be great to have another professional photo shoot for my dishes.  It was so much fun last time.  I’ve got to look into that.

Sandi, Ian, and Alex observe knife skills

We practice our knife skills by cutting the peppers and onions Julianne.  We then add snow peas and bean sprout at the very end.

Here is Ian observing me cooking the Stir-Fry

Ian anticpate having Stir-Fry


One of the thrills for everyone is learning how to toss the Stir-Fry Vegetables like a chef.


Here’s Alex.

Here’s Sandi

Both the real test is how it taste.

Mandy and I had a great time with the Santos Party.  They were fun and very nice folks.

Mandy with Bobby, Alex, Sandi, and Ian capping off a great evening.

Me with Bobby, Alex, Sandi, and Ian capping off a great evening. Thanks guys!

February 23, 2012 - Posted by | Let's Talk About Food

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  1. I can taste it through the pictures. Stir Fry is MY personal favorite!!
    No one can appreciate your stir fry like I do!

    Comment by Lois Austin | February 23, 2012 | Reply

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