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Hats Off To Dining Catering, Inc – In-Home Cooking Class with Rebecca Wolf and Alfredo Monclovia on 02/27/2012


Rebecca and Alfredo are ready to cook.

Rebecca and Alfredo ready for the class.





I noticed that Alfredo was very relaxed, while Rebecca seemed a bit nervous but soon also relaxed.  I believed she soon realized that it is easier than you think. They both did a wonderful job with their cutting skills.

Mandy teaches cutting skills with potatoes


We cut vegetable like potatoes to be around the same size so they will cook evenly.  The Rosemary New Potatoes calls for us to:

– boil the potatoes for about 7 minutes.

– draining the potatoes.

Here’s Rebecca seasoning the potatoes.

Rebecca seasons potatoes

We season with Kosher Salt and Fresh Cracked Black Pepper and toss with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Then we spread them on a aluminum foiled lined cookie sheet and place in a preheated oven at 425 degrees.  We let them continue cooking in the oven for about 10 minutes.  The next step is to saute onions.

And when we saute onions we toss them

I prepare the pan of onions for the Rebecca and Alfredo to toss the onions like me.

Rebecca Peppers onions




Rebecca places sauteed onions on potatoes

After Rebecca places the sauteed onions on the potatoes, we put them back in the oven for just long enough for the onions to start to caramelize.  A few minute before we are going to take them out we sprinkle a chiffonade of Fresh Rosemary.



Here is Rebecca chopping the rosemary into a chiffonade. At first she was chopping a little to hard.  I explained that she needed to go lighter with the knife and lift with the handle and apply light pressure towards the tip of the knife. After a moment she had the hang of it and did a wonderful job.




Alfredo and Rebecca should be proud that the potatoes they prepared came out perfect.



Rosemary New Potatoes with Sauteed Onions


We move on to the Mushroom Fries

Rebecca and I cleaned the mushrooms with a wet paper towel, the best way to clean mushrooms is with a wet cloth instead of rinsing them under running water as the mushroom can act as a sponge and absorb water .


Mandy helps Rebecca clean mushrooms


Here is Alfredo and Rebecca cutting the mushrooms into fries.  We cut he stems and gills away from the mushrooms, both the stems and gills are eatable but we choose not to use them for this dish.






Alfredo and Rebecca cutting mushrooms



They did a wonderful cutting the mushrooms into the size we were looking for.  We choose to go with the size of steak fries.






Rebecca and Alfredo learn how to cut mushroom




Now here Rebecca and I are doing the egg wash before coating the mushrooms with the panko mixture.  We wear the gloves to help keep our hands clean.


Rebecca also did an excellent job frying up the mushroom fries.




Rebecca dips mushrooms in egg wash and dredge with Mandy




Rebecca cooking Mushroom Fries


Here is the couple enjoying their hard work!




Rebecca and Alfredo enjoy their Mushroom Fries!


On to the Steaks!


We don’t over season steak. We use Kosher Salt, Adobo and Fresh Cracked Black Pepper.

Alfredo peppers steaks as Rebecca watches


Rebecca seasons steaks


We then make sure the pan is hot with a couple of hits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Here is Rebecca ready to place her steak in the hot pan.




Rebecca ia ready to place steak in the pan




Rebecca places the steak in the pan


The medium rare steaks were perfect.  Here’s the completed dish.





Herb Crusted Rib-Eye Steak with Rosemary New Potatoes and Asparagus tossed with Minced Garlic and Olive Oil




Alfred and Rebecca sit down to enjoy their meal!


Time for Dessert! Banana Foster!

Mandy watching Rebecca cut bananas

Banana Foster in pan


Alfredo is excited about his dessert!

The couple works together on dessert

A word of caution.  I have ten years of experience in cooking professionally.  This recipe calls for a flambe in the pan.  Remove the pan away from your cook top when adding the liquor and lighting it.





Flambe Banana Foster


Place Bananas over Vanilla Ice Cream and spoon a little of the syrup from the pan.  Eat immediately.


Banana Foster over Vanilla Ice Cream!

The couple enjoy their dessert



Anthony with Rebecca and Alfredo


Mandy with Alfredo and Rebecca

Mandy and I want to thank Rebecca and Alfredo for allowing us in their lovely home and allowing us to show them these dishes.  We hope you enjoyed our time together as much as we did.



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