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Thanksgiving A to Z 2012 (This issue Herb Crusted Roasted Turkey)

Thanksgiving from A to Z

Hello and Welcome to Thanksgiving A to Z 2012. I had to cook 3 Turkeys and 4 Hams for a Thanksgiving celebration last week for an office party for 100 people.  It got me to thinking how intimidating this can be for folks who don’t cook large meals through the year.  So I decided to try and make Thanksgiving Cooking a little easier for my readers and give some recipes and tips.

Let’s tackle the big bird first.  Because most people only cook a whole turkey once a year, it’s hard to perfect.  Think about it. Anything we do once every 365 days is not going to be easy.

Following these instructions will help make your turkey turn out moist and with a golden brown crispy skin.

Thanksgiving Turkey

Herb Crusted Roasted Turkey



12-14 lb Fresh Turkey

Dried Rosemary (not fresh because it will burn due to the length of cooking time)

Dried Thyme      (not fresh because it will burn due to the length of cooking time)

Kosher Salt

Fresh Cracked Black Pepper

Adobo Seasoning

4 garlic Cloves (Leave whole)

2- large pieces of onion, bell pepper and celery

1 – Large Onion (Roughly Chopped) (Separate into 2 portions)

1 – Large Green Bell Pepper (Roughly Chopped) (Separate into 2 portions)

3 – Large Celery Stalks (Celery really compliments poultry) (Roughly Chopped and Separate into 2 portions)

½ of a Lemon

2 cups of Chicken Broth

1½ stick of unsalted Butter softened (If you use salted Butter don’t sprinkle salt on the outside of the turkey)

½ teaspoon of All Purpose Flour


Large Roasting Pan

Reynolds Oven Roasting Bags for Turkey


Viva Paper Towels (Do not use cheap bargain brand paper towels)


Pre-heat the oven to 450 degrees.

Take the Reynolds Oven Roasting Turkey Bag, open it and put the ½ teaspoon of All Purpose Flour in.  Close the bag and shake.  Place the floured bag in the Roasting Pan and sit aside for later use.

Take Turkey from wrapping, including the Gizzards, Heart and Liver (this is referred to as the Giblets).  Rinse Giblets and the turkey on the outside and the cavity and dry thoroughly with the paper towels.

You’re going to season the cavity first and then the outside of the bird.  Tilt the turkey so the cavity is elevated.  Sprinkle salt, pepper and Adobo inside the cavity.  Put the following in the cavity: ½ of the Lemon, One of the portions of Onions, Green Bell Peppers, and Celery.

(This next step is essential for your turkey breasts to be juicy and flavorful.)  You’re going to place the turkey on it’s back.  On each side of the edge of the cavity there is a piece of skin that can be separated (loosened) so you can place the following ingredients underneath the skin on the turkey breast on each side: A large piece of Onion, Celery, and Green Bell Pepper, 2 Garlic Clove, and a little Butter.

Now you’re ready to prepare the exterior of the bird.

The next step is going to leave your hands messy and needing to be washed.  So get some paper towels ready and a little dishwashing liquid or liquid hand soap.

Take the softened butter and spread it all over the turkey skin.  You will have to lift the bird to spread butter on the back.  Now aren’t you glad the paper towels and soap ready?

After spreading the butter on the turkey, sprinkle on Rosemary, Thyme, Kosher Salt, Adobo, and Black Pepper.

Get your Roasting Pan with the prepared Reynolds Oven Roasting Turkey bag and add the remaining celery, onion, and bell pepper in the bag spreading it out so the turkey will sit on top.  Place the Giblets and turkey neck in the bag to the side as to not be under the turkey when it goes in.

Place your seasoned turkey inside the bag on top of the vegetables.  Add the Chicken Broth inside the bag before sealing the bag with the tie from the Oven Roasting Bag package.  Follow the instruction on the Oven Roasting Bag.

Cooking Instruction:

Place the prepare turkey in the pre-heated oven.  Cook for 30 minutes at 450 degrees.  Then turn the temperature down to 350 degrees and continue to cook the turkey for approximately 3 hours.  Your turkey is done when your meat thermometer registers the turkey at 165 to 175 degrees.

Next issue we will make Dressing and Gravy

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