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Monday’s Lunch 03/11/2013


Monday’s Lunch will be a Slow Cooked Beef Brisket Sandwich.  It’s slow cooked so I had to start early morning so it would be ready Monday’s Lunch.  It’s cooked with a Mirepoix (Onions, Celery, and Carrots plus a Garlic and Rosemary.  After it’s seared and the vegetable are added, the pan is deglazed with Merlot and Tomato combination.  This will make for a wonderful Au Jus for the sandwiches.

Beef Brisket Photo


I’m going to placed delicious tender slices of the Beef Brisket on a Fresh Whole Wheat Hoagie Roll with sliced of tomatoes and shredded lettuce.  The broth produced from cooking the brisket will be reduced to make the Au Jus.  I’m going to serve this with New Potatoes.


The vegetarian a Bean Salad and Cabbage.



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