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Ribs for lunch 04/06/2013 Please read the side note at the end.

My client has been very pleased with the lunches that I’ve been providing to her office staff daily during the week.  So she asked me to also provide lunch on the first two Saturdays of April.  I was excited that this past Saturday that I had time to Barbecue Ribs for them.  I always enjoy this because my father Barbecuing Ribs is one of my favorite memories from childhood.  It was one of the influences that made me start Hats Off To Dining Catering.  Fortunately, I’m more then a BBQ guy (Right Scott? LOL)  But still I love grilling here and there, especially Dad’s Ribs.


My Award Winning BBQ Ribs  (I took second place at  last year’s Renaissance Festival.  They gave a very cool Sword as a trophy)

2012 Renessaince Fest Sword and TShirt


Potato Salad (This has been their most requested dish)


Vegetarian Choice

Stuffed Mini Multi-Colored Bell Peppers

Scalloped Potatoes

Side note:

This is incredible.  While I was finishing up this post, my client called me on her off day to say how much her staff enjoyed yesterdays lunch.  She stated that everyone was talking about how good it was.  She said that it amazing when her employees are looking forward to coming to work to see what’s going to be for lunch.  This probably one of the best compliments I’ve received to date.  I feel so blessed to have great clients that appreciate what we do.

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