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A Quest For Good Fish – Blue Sea Fish Market and Restaurant

I’m venturing into areas of Tampa that are unfamiliar to me.  Some of the best places to eat are these little jewels you find inner city.  However this wasn’t the case when I got take out from Blue Sea Fish Market and Restaurant located at 7110 N Nebraska, Tampa, FL.

First off it’s a fish market that has a sitting area but sitting in the restaurant is not an option for me because you smell the fish that’s in the display case.  I understand the business strategy but it doesn’t make for a pleasant dining in experience.

So I order the my Grouper Sandwich to go ahead of time.  I’m glad I did or I would probably have smelled like fish from waiting for my meal to be prepared.  It was ready when I arrived so thumbs up for prompt service.

The food was okay.  It was as advertised, a Grouper Sandwich.  The menu didn’t say delicious or well seasoned and it wasn’t.

If the menu was truly accurate, it would read heavily battered (too much by the way) and literally seasoned on one side.

Unfortunately, this is one I can’t recommend even though the portion was good for the price.

May 15, 2013 - Posted by | Let's Talk About Food, Review

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