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The Quest For Good Fish

So I’ve gone full circle and started revueing restaurants where I have eaten.  Scott and I started Hats Off To Dining by reviewing restaurants.  After 10 years of creating our own dishes, I find myself again disappointed with many restaurants and delighted with a few.

I will start on a positive note with T N Crab Shack located at 2120 Sligh Ave, Tampa FL.  As the name implies T N Crab Shack isn’t much to look at when you go there.  This isn’t a sit down restaurant.  The only seating offered is the wooden, chest high, table right outside the order window with a couple of stools.

You also don’t have much of an experience for customer service.  The order taker is polite enough but your ordering through a window with a crowd of people around you waiting to order also.  I learned early on to place my order by phone.  It’s ready to go when I get there and I’m very happy to be in and out.

The food is why I go here.  I had the grouper which is lightly breaded then fried with just the right seasoning.  Of course it’s served with fries and hushpuppies but they are an after thought.  The way they prepare the fish and other seafood is why I go here again and again.

I know this issue is about good fish but you have the try their Chicken Wings too.  To call them Hot Wings is really not fair or accurate.  They have so much more flavor.  They have an Asian take on the sauce.  There is some heat spice but not overbearing.  The sauce also has a slight sweetness and I can taste a soy sauce also.  They’re really good.

If you just want good food without the hoopla I highly recommend T N Crab Shack.

May 15, 2013 - Posted by | Let's Talk About Food

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