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Thanksgiving A to Z 2012 (This issue Herb Crusted Roasted Turkey)

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Thanksgiving from A to Z

Hello and Welcome to Thanksgiving A to Z 2012. I had to cook 3 Turkeys and 4 Hams for a Thanksgiving celebration last week for an office party for 100 people.  It got me to thinking how intimidating this can be for folks who don’t cook large meals through the year.  So I decided to try and make Thanksgiving Cooking a little easier for my readers and give some recipes and tips.

Let’s tackle the big bird first.  Because most people only cook a whole turkey once a year, it’s hard to perfect.  Think about it. Anything we do once every 365 days is not going to be easy.

Following these instructions will help make your turkey turn out moist and with a golden brown crispy skin.

Thanksgiving Turkey

Herb Crusted Roasted Turkey



12-14 lb Fresh Turkey

Dried Rosemary (not fresh because…

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November 27, 2013 - Posted by | Let's Talk About Food

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