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Getting three meals out of your chicken.

The great thing about this series of recipes is that you are using a lot of the same ingredients for each dish, which makes it very economical.  I’m also going to tell you were to buy the ingredients.

Here’s what we’re going to cook/make:

1) Delicious Roasted Chicken

2) Chicken and Noodle Soup

3) Chicken Salad

Your shopping list for all three:

2 whole roasting chickens (Sam’s Club sells a package of two roasting chickens that average around $10.00)

Celery (You are probably going to use a lot of the Bunch of celery.  I buy a pack of celery hearts from Sam’s Club for under $3.00 but as you can imagine, I use a lot.  You can chop the excess up and freeze it after you finish with the three Recipes.)

Green Bell Pepper (You’ll need about 2 to 3 Green Bell Peppers.  Since you only need this few you can get them from Publix for under a $1.00 each.)

Yellow Onion (3 large onions.  Publix, about $2.00)

Parsley ($1.19 or so at Publix)

Green Onions (About .50 cents at Publix)

French Style Green Beans (The price varies but buy them fresh from Publix.  You won’t need a lot, maybe ¼ lb.)

Chicken Broth 64 ounces (You can buy a 3 pack of 32 ounce Chicken Broth at Sam’s Club for under $6.00.)

Butter or Margarine (2 Sticks should do. About $3.90 or so at Publix)

Kosher Salt

Fresh Cracked Black Pepper

Dried Rosemary and Thyme Herbs (You should be able to get each for under $4.00 at Publix)

Adobe (Probably about $3.00 at most from Publix)

McCormick All Purpose Seasoning (About $3.99 at Publix)

Garlic Cloves (4 – 6) (About .60 cents at Publix)

Honey (You find this at most grocers for under $2.00)

Mayonnaise (Under $3.00 at Publix)

Extra Wide Egg Noodles (Under $3.00 at Publix)

All Purpose Flour (Under $2.00 at most grocers)

Roast Chicken Recipe

Materials and equipment for the Roasted Chicken

Large Roasting Pan

Reynolds Oven Roasting Bags for Turkey (About $2.19 or at Walmart)


Cutting Board

Viva Paper Towels (Do not use cheap bargain brand paper towels)




Pre-heat the oven to 450 degrees.

Take the Reynolds Oven Roasting Turkey Bag, open it and put the ½ teaspoon of All Purpose Flour in.  Close the bag and shake.  Place the floured bag in the Roasting Pan and sit aside for later use.

Take Chickens from wrapping, if your chickens include the Gizzards, Heart and Liver (this is referred to as the Giblets).  Rinse Giblets and the Chicken on the outside and the cavity and dry thoroughly with the paper towels. (Most packages of chicken today don’t include this so if they don’t disregard and go on.)

You’re going to season the cavity first and then the outside of the bird.  Tilt the Chicken so the cavity is elevated.  Sprinkle salt, pepper and Adobo inside the cavity.  Put the following in the cavity: Chopped Onions, Green Bell Peppers, and Celery.

(This next step is essential for your Chicken breasts to be juicy and flavorful.)  You’re going to place the Chicken on it’s back.  On each side of the edge of the cavity there is a piece of skin that can be separated (loosened) so you can place the following ingredients underneath the skin on the Chicken breast on each side: A large piece of Onion, Celery, and Green Bell Pepper, 1 Garlic Clove, and a pad of Butter.

Now you’re ready to prepare the exterior of the bird.

The next step is going to leave your hands messy and needing to be washed.  So get some paper towels ready and a little dishwashing liquid or liquid hand soap.

Take the softened butter and spread it all over the Chicken skin.  You will have to lift the bird to spread butter on the back.  Now aren’t you glad the paper towels and soap ready?

After spreading the butter on the Chicken, sprinkle on Rosemary, Thyme, Kosher Salt, Adobo, and Black Pepper.

Place the prepared Reynolds Oven Roasting bag in the Roasting Pan.  Open the bag and add the 1/4 cup each of chopped celery, onion, and bell pepper in the bag spreading it out so the Chicken will sit on top.  Place the Giblets and Chicken neck in the bag to the side as to not be under the Chicken when it goes in.

Place your seasoned Chicken inside the bag on top of the vegetables.  Add the Chicken Broth inside the bag before sealing the bag with the tie from the Oven Roasting Bag package.  Follow the instruction on the Oven Roasting Bag.

Cooking Instruction:

Place the prepare Chicken in the pre-heated oven.  Cook for 30 minutes at 450 degrees.  Then turn the temperature down to 375 degrees and continue to cook the Chicken for approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.  Your Chicken is done when your meat thermometer registers the Chicken at 165 to 175 degrees.

Chicken Noodle Soup will be next.

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