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I had a great time at the Johnson’s Cooking Class last night!

I really enjoyed this class!  What a great way to kick off the new year.  Hear are a few photos and the recipes.


Banana Foster over Vanilla Ice Cream!

Banana Foster over Vanilla Ice Cream!

Herb Crusted Rib-Eye Steak


2 – 2inch thick Rib-Eye Steaks

1 tsp dried thyme

1 tsp dried Rosemary

Kosher salt

Fresh Cracked Ground Pepper

2 TBS Butter

2 TBS Extra Virgin Olive Oil


I large Non-Stick Skillet (Oven Safe)




Preheat the over to 425°. Rinse and pat dry steaks w/paper towels. Season steaks on both sides with Thyme, Rosemary, Kosher Salt, and Pepper.

Heat skillet over medium heat until very hot.  Add olive oil, then butter to hot skillet. Add steaks to skillet.  You should hear the sizzle.  Let the steaks cook for a few minutes before turning on the other side.  (You may need to add a little Olive Oil here).

After a few minutes place the skillet in the oven.

Let it bake to the desired temperature.  About 10 minutes for medium well.


Herb Butter




½ Stick of Butter (Softened to room temperature)

1/8 tsp Fresh Thyme (Chopped)

1/8 tsp Fresh Rosemary (Chopped)




Plastic Wrap




Thoroughly stir Fresh Thyme and Rosemary into softened butter.  Place butter mixture on plastic wrap and roll in a tube.  Place in the freezer for 7 minutes.

Serve a slice or two on your steak.





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  1. Do you have thoughts of opening a restaurant? The food looks and sounds yummy….

    Comment by Professor VJ Duke | January 26, 2014 | Reply

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