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2014 HOTD Giving Back February

If you’ve been following my blog “” you know that 2014 is my year of giving back.  You may have read how I’m supplying meals to a client who has cancer and is on a “high protein, no vitamin K” diet.  That has been going well.  The last meal I supplied to her was Pork Chops and Extra Cheesy Baked Macaroni and Cheese (Cheese and pasta are good sources of protein so she can eat that by itself.) I will give these recipes in a separate blog entry.

So giving back is letting my blog followers know that they can give back by simply helping someone they know who is going through chemotherapy treatment by preparing these recipes for them.  I’m sure there are many different reactions to Chemo Treatment but one that is common is fatigue.  By preparing my recipes (and packaging the meals in individual servings) for your love ones who are Chemo patients, you save them time and energy.  You also allow them to eat better.

Another way I am giving back is raising money for my client’s medical bills.  I’ve created many popular meals over the years that clients have raved about. One such item is my Texas Toast Breakfast Sandwich.  So I’m selling these at a local business who is allowing me to set up a tent outside of their business.  The proceeds will go to help pay for my clients medical bills, which are enormous.  I will be updating you on the progress of this venture.

SausageBreakfastSandwich012014 BaconBreakfastSandwich012014

I want to encourage you to think of ways like this to help your neighbors, friends, and family who are going through this.

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