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The Thorpe Family Dinner Was Great.

I met the Thorpe’s about 3 years ago when they were given one of my “Dine At Home” Gift Certificates by a good mutual friend, Kathy .


The Thorpe's Dine At Home Service

v The Thorpe’s Dine At Home Service


The Thorpe’s and I were both excite that Kathy had given them another gift certificate this past holiday season.  It was so nice to catch up and cook for them again.  They enjoyed the Herb Crusted Ribeye Steak, Roasted New Potatoes w/Sauteed Onion and Baby Carrots.  One of their son had Pan Seared Salmon w/Sautéed Multi-Colored Bell Peppers and Onions w/Basmati Rice.


April 13, 2014 - Posted by | Let's Talk About Food

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  1. It was a wonderful experience to just sit back and let Anthony, our own personal chef cook a fantastic meal for us in our own home. We got to pick our own menu and the food was amazing. We got the herb crusted rib eyes and our youngest son had the salmon. We all loved the meals and then we got to the dessert. Wow it was so good!. He really knows how to make a strawberry shortcake that is fabulous. Thank you Kathy for the dinner certificate and Thank you Anthony, the dinner was great and you are an excellent chef. We should do this more often.

    Comment by Mary Thorpe | April 13, 2014 | Reply

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