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The Ross Cooking Class on February 8, 2015 Was Fun!

What I really enjoyed about teaching my dishes is when both husband and wife really enjoy food. The Ross’s were that couple. I also like showing how a client can overcome what they think they dislike to enjoy the over all meal.

Ross's at Stove 020815

In the case of the Ross’s it was Samantha not liking onions and the dish they wanted to learn to cook was Jambalaya. Well as many of my friends and family know, I use onions in many of my recipes, including Jambalaya.

Ross Class Samantha at Stove 020815

I probed and found that her dislike was more texture and the fact that it was difficult for her to cut them because the fumes burned her eyes. She was okay with the flavor. My solution was to sauté onions ahead of time and pureed. By pureeing the onions we eliminated what she didn’t like and she learned how to make a delicious Jambalaya.

Shot of Jambalaya 020815

For those of you interested in this class, it is a longer class and has quite a few ingredients so it is more expensive but well worth it.


Here are a few views of their class.

Another good shot of the Ross's at the stove 020815The Ross's at the counter cutting 020815


There is a lot of chopping preparing this dish.  But it’s well worth it.

Ross's at counter with Samantha smiling 020815

They also enjoyed dessert.

Ross Cooking Class Dessert 020815

Their Review

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