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I am so “Blessed” to be honored again with the “Best of Brandon” Award! Award

You look at your body of work in a given year and you think “this past year was pretty interesting and fun” and hopefully profitable. Loving what you do is such a blessing! One of my favorite quotes is –

“Doing what you want to do is Life, and there is no real satisfaction in living if we are compelled to be forever doing something which we do not like to do and can never do what we want to do.”

Walter Wattles

That’s why I do what I do, for the love of it.  To be rewarded is really an unexpected honor. To be rewarded for the fourth year in a row, as the “Best of Brandon” is confirmation that maybe others like what you’re doing too. To all my supporters and critics, thank you. My Supporters keep me going.  My Critics keep me improving.

Thanks to my wife Ella. Thanks to my daughters, Areatha and Keandra and to my grandkids Kiyah, Tyrone and Tyree. Thanks to my crew who are also my friends Mandy Matlock, Kiana Goulh, Heather Weston, and Harold Brown.


Ironically, one of my favorite clients who is responsible for so many referrals I don’t have a photo of him.  A huge Thanks to Henderson Taylor!

Here are just a few my other clients which made this possible also.

Me and Alison 030615Mulligan Class Group Photo 022815Ross's at Stove 020815

Kiana, Darlene Green, Me, and Tonja at client's 60th Birthday Party

Kiana, Darlene Green, Me, and Tonja at client’s 60th Birthday Party



Me and Juanita Jubity 12102014

2015 Award



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